Were you affected by the recent Hail Storms? Storm Damage work could be covered by your insurance. Start with an instant, free report on weather events!

Residential Roof Replacement

residential roof replacement Roofing Maintenance Program in Denver

Residential Roof Replacement Denver, CO
New Roof

20 or more years of sun, wind, rain, snow, and even hail are enough to wear down any roof, no matter where you live. And sometimes, a simple repair won’t do, with a brand-new roof or replacement being the better option, both for your safety and budget. 

Whether we recommend the repairing of a small leak or replacing the entire roof on your house, we will review the options available to you as if we were the homeowners involved. 

It is this honesty and integrity during our detailed inspections that our homeowner customers love and come to expect from Mighty Dog Roofing in Denver, CO. 

We take pride in not only our quality materials and skills, but also in our customer service focused Mighty Dog Team Members for their high quality attention to detail, compassion, and down – to-Earth neighborly advice when your safety is on the line. Rest easy knowing that Mighty Dog Roofing Denver roofing contractor is coming to the rescue.

A trained and experienced roofing specialist will give your home a thorough 25-point inspection to “sniff out” any exterior issues that may be occurring across your entire home exterior, including your roof, gutters, siding and windows. What does that mean? 

We’ll provide you with a complete report of the age, condition, or weather damage that could compromise your roofing and exterior system. We will prepare a customizable recommendation on any roof repairs or roof replacements your exterior may need and discuss each finding with you, personally.

This Mighty 25 Inspection is only available through Mighty Dog, and is one of the things that sets us apart in the exterior industry. Our comprehensive 25-point inspection is absolutely free and involves no obligation to purchase anything. We are providing you the information you need to maintain your property for years to come.
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