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After 20 years of exposure to harsh elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, and hail, even the toughest roofs can show signs of wear and tear. In some cases, a simple repair won’t suffice, and a brand-new roof or replacement may be necessary for both safety and budgetary reasons. At Mighty Dog Roofing Denver, we provide honest and detailed inspections, reviewing all available options as if we were the homeowners involved. Our commitment to integrity and customer service is what our homeowners love and expect from us. We take pride in our quality materials, skills, and our team’s high-quality attention to detail, compassion, and friendly advice. As a licensed and certified roofing contractor in Denver, Colorado, we’re here to provide top-notch service and quality to meet your roofing needs.


Asphalt Shingle

Tile (Spanish or Clay Tile)

Metal Roof

Slate Roof

Stone Coated Steel Roof


25-point Inspection

A trained and experienced Mighty Dog Roofing Specialist will give your home a thorough 25-point inspection to “sniff out” any exterior issues that may be occurring across your entire home exterior, including your roof, gutters, siding and windows. What does that mean? We’ll provide you with a complete report of the age, condition, or weather damage that could compromise your roofing and exterior system. We will prepare a customizable recommendation on any repairs or replacements your exterior may need and discuss each finding with you, personally.

This Mighty 25 Inspection is only available through Mighty Dog, and is one of the things that sets us apart in the exterior industry. Our comprehensive 25-point inspection is absolutely free and involves no obligation to purchase anything. We are providing you the information you need to maintain your property for years to come.

Roof Shingles Inspection in Denver

With our thorough inspection, we look for loose or missing shingles, loss of granules, or any hail or wind damage that will compromise your roofing system. We also look for any blistering due to moisture buildup or bad ventilation.
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Nail Head Inspection

MDR will inspect your roof for any “nail pops” which are caused by weather-related expansion and contraction of the decking on the roof. Many times we find either improper nailing or not enough nails per shingle have been managed and maintained.
edge of Roof shingles on top of the house

Roof Edging

Remember the edges of the roof receive the most moisture, so having the proper drip edge installed is important so water doesn’t get under the shingles and cause damage. Roof edge flashing can help stabilize your roof during strong rain and wind events.
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Inspection of Valleys

Heavy rains and winter snowmelt can cause rapid water, which, if not properly flashed can penetrate underneath the shingles. MDR trained eyes inspect all valleys (where all of your roof planes meet) for proper flashing materials to avoid damage.
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Drip Edge Inspection

Drip edges are installed at the edge of the roof beneath the roofing and hangs over the sides of the roof. MDR ensures the drip edge was installed correctly by inspecting both the eaves and rakes.
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Eaves & Rakes Inspection

Eaves and rakes are the areas of a roof which hang beyond the roofing line and exterior wall. They are designed to keep rain, snow, and debris away from the walls of the house. We check the starter strip and watch for correct installation.
White frame gutter guard system

Soffits and Fascia Inspection

Soffits and fascia work together to cover and protect rafters and help to moderate temperature extremes and control moisture in the attic spaces. MDR inspects both the soffits and fascia for proper installation and any damage.
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Hip and Ridge Inspection

MDR looks at the condition of the hip and ridge on your roof and watches for any rotting issues from the weather or algae.
Gable ventilation on a house.

Roof Ventilation and Exhaust System Inspection

If your roof is over 10 years old, it is most likely improperly ventilated. Why is this important to check? Your roof vents help to keep your attic cooler in those hot summer months to prevent condensation build-up in the colder winter months. Each roof needs the proper ventilation system depending on its size. We also check all HVAC exhaust vents for proper installation.
plywood sheathing of a large brick house under construction

Roof Sheathing or Decking

If possible, MDR visually inspects your decking first for any interior leaks as they could be a symptom of rotting. There cannot be a full decking inspection until the shingles have been removed. Sometimes it is possible to check the attic to see if the proper sheathing is installed per local building codes.
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Inspection of Step and Counter Flashing

MDR inspects your step flashing for improperly installed or rusted materials. This can be a major cause of leaks, but hard to diagnose without a proper inspection for securely fastened flashing on the roof and around the chimney.
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Furnace Caps and Pipes Inspection

Our experienced inspectors will inspect for any rust and leaks for your exhaust stack and flues. We will look at the Pipejack seals for any cracking which can occur with age. We will also check for any damage to the rain cap and storm collar.
Roof of a detached house with a skylight and chimney against the sky

Chimney Inspection

Finding a source of leaks is what MDR is experienced at, and a common area of concern is the chimney. We will inspect the area around the chimney for proper sealing and flashing.
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Plumbing Stack Inspection

MDR will inspect the seals on all of your plumbing pipe boots used around the exhaust vents. Many times we will find dry rot around these areas which would cause water to escape into your home.
Gutter system for a metal roof

Gutters Inspection

Gutters are critical to the safety and health of your home as they carry the rain and snow water away from the home. We will look for any damage and also the functionality of your gutter system.
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Gutter Aprons

Gutter systems that fail to catch rainwater can result in rotting soffits, moldy siding, and even a damaged structure. To make sure rainwater flows seamlessly from the roof to the inside of the gutter, gutter aprons are installed. We look at the installation and condition of the gutter apron to avoid damage to your gutter system.
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Foundation Drainage Inspection

Our Mighty Dog inspectors will look at the perimeter around your foundation for any potential issues surrounding the drainage system of your gutters.
Corner of the house with new gray metal tile roof

Downspouts Inspection

The downspouts are used to divert water away from your foundation to control drainage. MDR will look for any damage and correct installation for the best life of your property.
gray horizontal vinyl lap siding gable roof

Inspection of Siding

On our inspection of your property, we are looking for any defects. These could include weather damage, cracking, dents, splitting, curling, or cupping which could lead to a shorter lifespan of your siding if not maintained.
Air conditioner compressor outdoor unit installed outside the house

A/C Unit Exterior

Inspecting the condition of the exterior would show us any weather events which could have possibly damaged the unit.
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Window Inspection

Our MDR inspectors examine the exterior of your house including looking for deteriorated caulking, weather damage, clouding, or damaged windows and wraps. Not only is this important for energy efficiency, but it can also be a safety issue as well.
Skylight on a residential home

Inspection of Skylights

As part of our inspection, if you have any skylights we will look to assure proper sealing as leaky skylights left unattended can lead to costly damage to your roof structure and interior.
Man opening ceiling air vent to replace dirty HVAC air filter

Ventilation Inspection

Our thorough inspection will look for vent locations and where they are placed on your home. We know the city’s codes and regulations and will measure temperature changes as well to diagnose any issues.
Ecowool insulation is poured in the attic

Attic Inspection

Your attic can be a good litmus test for underlying issues such as high energy bills, mold, poor air quality, and any moisture. MDR will take a serious look at what lies under your roof before you see damage inside such as any condensation or mold and any structural damage which can occur over time. We will also discuss any issues with ice damming if applicable.
Hail damage

Storm Damage Hail Inspection

With extreme weather conditions, it is imperative your roof is inspected for any storm damage. Our trained and expert inspectors will provide a detailed and accurate report for any identified hail damage. From clay and slate roofing to metal and asphalt shingles, only a trained eye can
A large building with a damaged roof following a massive supertyphoon / hurricane

Storm Damage Wind Inspection

Gutter systems that fail to catch rainwater can result in rotting soffits, moldy siding, and even a damaged structure. To make sure rainwater flows seamlessly from the roof to the inside of the gutter, gutter aprons are installed. We look at the installation and condition of the gutter apron to avoid damage to your gutter system.
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What is the Mighty House Cape?

The Mighty Dog House Cape is a tarping system used by Mighty Dog Roofing to help keep the jobsite clean of debris and protect your landscaping and home. It is our commitment to you to keep your project site clean and safe for your family, our crews and team. Excellence in customer service is what we promise and keeping those nails out of your lawnmowers tires is hard to accomplish sometimes with a metal magnet, and that is why we are committed to covering it with our Mighty House Cape. Your neighbors will appreciate the clean site as well as move through your project.
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