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Window Installation

window installation

Your windows are a key part of your home and by getting new ones,

you’re ensuring your home is more secure, is more energy-efficient, and increases your property value. Strong and Durable. Beautiful. Low Maintenance. Custom Designed.

Mighty Dog Roofing has options for all designs, budgets and are all professionally installed.

Window Installation and Repair in Denver, Colorado

Windows with large cracks are not only dangerous because they can expose your family and pets to broken glass and potential injury, but they can also cost you more in damages. A broken window can let water into your home that can lead to mold growth and other secondary damages. So if you have a broken window or two, it’s important to find and call a window repair service right away and schedule a quick repair, fix, or window replacement. After more than 20 years in the business, we’ve had countless satisfied customers so when it comes to window repair, installation, and replacement, Mighty Dog Roofing in Denver, CO is a name you can trust.

window replacement
Window Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Look for ENERGY STAR when purchasing your new windows.

Windows, doors, and skylights that are eligible for a federal tax credit must meet strict criteria. ENERGY STAR makes it easy to find the right products. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to be sure the product you are buying is eligible for the tax credit

New windows will also give you better temperature control to keep your home more comfortable. Plus you’ll be confident knowing with a high-quality window installation comes reduced pest and water damage.

Increase Home Value

Whether you are selling your home or entertaining with your neighbors, the curb appeal can make the difference. The overall appearance of the exterior of your home with upgrading to new windows can increase your home’s value, transform the entire look and add more efficiency. All these things will be a deal maker with potential buyers as well. The exterior of your house is the first impression you will make, the family inside will leave a lasting impression.
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Lower Utility Costs

One of, if not the biggest, advantages of replacing your windows is lowering your utility costs. Heat gain and loss from your old windows has a huge impact on your monthly heating and cooling bills. With new energy efficient windows, you’ll be saving money and improving the comfort of your home.

The seals or caulking around your windows are designed to keep water out. If any part of the window seal is cracked or broken it needs to be repaired immediately.

The sealant or caulking around your windows helps ensure that they are watertight. If any part of the window sealant is cracked, broken or completely missing, it needs to be fixed immediately. Cracked window sealant can let in water. Exposure to the weather elements and changing temperatures can cause your windows to not fit properly. Our Mighty Dog 25 Point Inspection will assess if your windows need any attention. This information will also be kept in your customer vault for annual comparisons.

window maintenance
Window Energy Efficiency


The windows of today are sturdier than the old wood-framed, single-pane windows. This means your home will be more safe and secure, not only from the elements, but also from people trying to break-in through them.

No matter why you want to get new windows, Might Dog Roofing has you covered. Alongside our partners, Vinylmax and Anderson Windows, we’ll ensure you get the best window installation possible. Contact us today to get started on your new window project!


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