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Drone Inspection

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Time To Trust Mighty Dog With Our Unbiased Drone Inspections

Mighty Dog Roofing in Denver, Colorado knows the importance of trust and accuracy when dealing with something as important as your home. Our drone technology gives you verifiable and credible information for inspections from the smart intelligence analytics it gives your home’s exterior team.

By setting the baseline health of your roof with our complete and thorough inspection, we keep your records and measurements along with the history of any repairs and replacement locked away in your customer vault. This information will be unlocked every year so we can compare your last inspection with the current condition of your property. This is great information your insurance company will love if a claim is ever needed to be filed.

Storms - Let Us Fly You Through Your Insurance Process

Storms can inhibit human inspections, but not the Mighty Drone. Mighty Dog Roofing stays ahead of the competition with the best in innovative roofing processes, including our drone inspection service. From hurricanes to derechos, from hail to tornadoes, the technology and accuracy provided by our drones help support our comprehensive team, including dedicated insurance adjusters to assess damage quickly and safely to get your home back to pre-storm condition.

When a storm is predicted, we can set our Mighty Drone program into action to jump start your insurance claim process.

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Property Managers - Complete Stored AI Data Will Make You The Hero!

One of the main headaches property managers have to deal with is lack of visibility across the various building components they’re in charge of. Deterioration or damage can creep up, and by the time it’s discovered, can already have created a major financial burden.

Operating with the full view and knowledge of the condition of the property, thanks to regular assessment and detection with our drone inspection service, allows for proper budgeting and maintenance issues. We know that undetected problems can become not only a financial issue but also impact the day-to-day operations of a business. In order to stay on top of the health of your properties, it has become clear that having a drone maintenance program in place can help you be proactive, rather than reactive, to issues- often addressing them much earlier and therefore at much lower cost and impact to operations.

At companies that use software, a roof report made with all the data and all the shots gathered by the drone often comes in a file compatible with your existing tools. But with Mighty Dog’s Watchdog Maintenance Program, things are slightly different but much more efficient.

Mighty Dog Roofing offers an easy way to ensure you have this robust and ongoing bank of information on your entire property. Through our Watchdog Maintenance Program, we assess the entire exterior of your property annually, using our Mighty Drone to supplement our inspection. This allows us to create ongoing diagnostic reports so you have the data you need to make informed decisions proactively, before major (expensive!) issues arise. We also store and protect all of your reports, images, measurements, documentation of any work done, and related warranties locked away in your own private online customer vault.

Mighty Dog Roofing would like to be your partner in helping you manage your properties with the analytics from our Mighty Drone and Customer Vault.

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