Were you affected by the recent Hail Storms? Storm Damage work could be covered by your insurance. Start with an instant, free report on weather events!

Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Take advantage of our Mighty Watchdog Maintenance Program to protect your commercial roof and sustain its life. Any commercial roof is susceptible to weather events such as hail, heavy winds and rains, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, and microbursts. Our Mighty Dog commercial roofing inspectors will assess and set a baseline of your roof’s condition with our complete and thorough inspection included with all the data, photographs, assessments and any recommendations locked into your customized vault. 

will keep all of this data and utilize it every year when we re-inspect and compare the data from the previous year. This allows us to stay ahead of any potential issues which will save your business in repairs in the future years.

This maintenance report will also give your insurance company the peace of mind knowing you are maintaining and documenting any issues that they can access if any loss occurs.
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